Unit 55: Outbreak 3.0

By Haunt Cartel Productions LLC (other events)

272 Dates Through Nov 18, 2018

Zombies are back at Unit 55! The Haunt Cartel is proud to bring you another installment in our Zombie series, Outbreak 3.0 The Race for the Cure. After the botched lab experiments that lead to the Zombie Outbreak, Dr. Benning and his patients were sealed inside of Unit 55.  Also remaining in the facility is the only known cure for the virus. You and seven of your friends must enter Unit 55, brave the inhabitants, and recover the anitdote. Beware! You will only have 60 minutes to complete all the tasks, and challenges before you too are forever locked inside. Do you have what it takes? Can you face your fears? Can you survive Unit 55?


There is a four player minimum for this game. Groups with less then four players may be asked to move times and join another group.

All sales final, no refunds. Reschedules up to 24-hours prior to scheduled showtime will be subject to $25 reschedule fee. Same day reschedules will not be allowed.

Haunt Cartel Productions LLC