Psycho Circus 3

By Haunt Cartel Productions LLC (other events)

77 Dates Through Sep 24, 2021

The Circus is back at Unit 55 with our third installment of Psycho Circus, Buttons' Backyard Bigtop. Since the Circus closed down years ago, Buttons has been sitting in his tent waiting for the day customers return and when they do, he swore they would never leave again! In this horror themed escape experience, players will have 60 minutes to complete challenges, tasks, play games and solve riddles while being hunted by the Circus' inhabitants. Do you have what it takes to beat the killer clowns at their own game? Can you escape before being locked in forever? Do you have what it takes to survive Unit 55?

Difficulty level: Medium     Scare Level: Medium   

Please be advised! Players may get wet during this experience


4 Player Minimum

Haunt Cartel Productions LLC